Wood Fired Ovens

Our range of wood fired ovens and pizza ovens are hand made with the best materials. We use 304 stainless steel and refractory clay bricks, and all our ovens are insulated with ceramic fibre in the domes and high density ceramic fibre board for the oven floors to assure optimum heat retention and make our ovens very suitable for slow cooking and bread baking after for example a pizza night. The use of high grade stainless steel and the structured powder coated finish make our wood fired ovens ideal for outdoor use.
The hard and precision work of building the wood fired oven is done for you, now it is up to you to enjoy the pleasure that wood fired cooking brings and to share good moments and meals with your loved ones around your own My-woodfiredoven.

The Design.
Wood ovens are as old as cooking itself. As in all Mediterranean countries people have cooked in them for centuries passing an oven and withgoing traditions from generation to generation. And now in most parts of Europe the wood fired oven is the new outdoor cooking trend and is back as primary house cooker.
The design of our ovens are the result of long research and trials and testing by Giuseppe who has a passion for wood fired cooking since forever: his mother and aunties in Italy cooked in wood fired ovens when he grew up and he realised how much he missed this when he moved away. And after running a wood fired catering business for 5 years, catering for weddings and corporate functions, he knew exactly what he wanted from a wood fired oven. After many design phases and improvement over improvement, the final design was ready for production. We found a small factory where people listened to our requirements and patiently awaited our instructions after each of Giuseppe’s testings during the long process of developing our ovens. The result: affordable and good looking, but most importantly: very well functioning wood fired ovens, directly from the factory to you! We have gone great lengths to get the best product at the lowest cost so you as well can enjoy the pleasure that wood fired cooking brings.

The Food.
My-Chef with its higher dome delivers a remarkable array of dishes: amazing slow cooked curry, fish in many ways, paella, roast like you never had before, slow cooked soup, vegetables and potatoe dishes, grilled sausages and steaks, and of course fantastic home made breads and pizzas.
My-Mate and My-Buddy are fantastic pizza ovens, they easily reach 350C in no time to bake amazing crusty focaccias and pizzas in just e few minutes! And they are both great for cooking your family meal and anything you would otherwise cook in your kitchen oven but the taste is just sooo much better!
Home made breads, pizzas, and slow cooked curries from the wood fired oven have become the most popular items on the menu in Europe and are gaining popularity here as well. Let this healthy and pleasant way of cooking become part of your life as well.

The Oven.
The making of our wood fired pizza ovens: the domes of our ovens are made of 304 stainless steel. The outer oven dome shells are finished with textured powder coating in different colours. The oven domes are well insulated with ceramic blanket and insulating fire clay. The effect of this is a better heat retention and reduced exterior temperature, you can comfortable keep your hand on the oven even when the fire is raging inside. Even the oven doors are in double panelled stainless steel and insulated with ceramic blanket and they have a thermo viewing glass and 2 wooden handles to avoid burning hands.
The cooking floor of our wood fired ovens and pizza ovens are insulated with 40mm high density ceramic fibre board with refractory tiles on top for optimum heat retention. Which means perfect for cooking anything and fantastic for pizza baking. For the best results, pizza and breads should be baked directly on the oven floor as the heat retained in the refractory tiles is an important detail for the cooking process.

The Love.
The smell of the wood fire combined with the food that is cooking in the oven do appeal to even the smallest eater. You will see, your wood fired oven delivers tastes which are not easy to be pulled away from.  Our range of wood fired ovens will turn you into a chef even if you are not fond of cooking, and your family will love you for it. It only takes a few ingredients, nothing fancy, as the wood will add that very unique favour to your creations.
Our ovens stand out for their looks, their functionality, built and the ambience they create, and they already found many loving homes.
Ask our hundreds of happy owners and they will tell you: it’s not just an oven, it becomes part of the home, part of the week-ends, part of beers with friends, part of backyard parties, part of Sunday family dinners. Let it become part of your life too!

My-Chef Art

Gourmet Ovens My-Chef


My-Chef with Trolley

Gourmet Ovens My-Chef



Gourmet Ovens My-Chef


My-Buddy with Trolley Stand

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Portable Oven My-Buddy


My-Mate with Trolley Stand

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Pizza Oven My-Mate