New: Piccolo!

The Piccolo wood fire pizza oven is completely finished and comes
with all of this list included:

* Stainless steel oven door with viewing glass
* Stainless steel chimney with cap
* Powder coated outer shell
* Extra outer decorative shell in brushed aluminium
* Thermometer
* Stainless steel fire separator, built in

Save $355 and receive the Special Pizza Peel and the Cover for free!
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$1,250.00 $995.00

Portable Gourmet Oven Piccolo

The Piccolo is our most compact wood fired gourmet oven. It is small but it can compete with our bigger ovens. Piccolo is for you who cares about good food, but you don’t have much time or enough space for one of our bigger ovens.

It’s unique design features:

  • Motorised rotating cooking floor. Ensuring every dish is cooked uniformly to perfection.
    The large 36cm stone fits a huge family size pizza or cooking dish !
  • Radiating baffle. The baffle is engineered to direct the flow of heat over the internal cavity, through the cooking chamber and only then back out of the chimney, distributing the heat.
  • Large cooking floor. Made in cordierite for optimum heat distribution to your pizza.
  • Air vents. The vents allow for variable flow rate, giving you ultimate control over the temperature.
  • Floating decorative outer shell. The stylish outer shell protects the heat-efficient oven, so you can use it anywhere as a feature to your dining setting, or on a set by table in your outdoor area.

Quality, versatility, efficiency and style, or in one word: Piccolo

The construction of the Piccolo:
The double stainless steel oven walls are insulated with ceramic blanket in between for optimum heat retention, and the oven floor is insulated with high density fibre board so the heat will stay in the oven.
The specially designed stainless steel baffle inside the dome ensures that the heat is used more efficiently and reflects faster to the oven floor which makes it ideal for the best wood fire pizza, roasts, breads and slow cooked dishes.

So that is 3 layers of stainless steel, and on the outside is a decorative brushed aluminium shell as well.

Because of its design the Piccolo will quicly heat up in about 15 minutes and it takes only a tiny log of hardwood at the time to keep it going. This amazing compact wood fired oven performs as well as its bigger cousins: cooking the perfect pizza in only a few minutes. And not to mentiont the  fantastic roast, curry, genuine homemade bread and of course all with that authentic wood fired flavour.

The Piccolo is so easy to use and heats up in the same time as your kitchen oven. The difference however is in the taste: it adds that authentic wood fire flavour to any dish you cook in it. Save on electricity and use your Piccolo instead. That’s what we do!

Piccolo also comes with My-woodfiredoven’s well known customer care: we are only a phone call away for any questions you may have about pizza dough, wood fired cooking, wood fire and temperature control inside the oven, recipes, and everything you need to make you a confident and happy wood fired chef.


Portable wood fired gourmet oven Piccolo


Internal: W40 x D50 x H20 cm
External: W48 x D57 x H32 cm (43cm including feet)
Door opening: W52 x H25 cm
Weight: 32 kgs
Fits super large 36cm family sized pizza!
Fits large roasting dish or cast iron pan.



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