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My-Fuoco Mosaic

My-Fuoco large portable pizza oven


WORTH  $290 !!

2 colours with matching mosaics
. Olive green, with matching mosaic door arch
. Midnight black, with matching mosaic door arch

Large portable pizza ovens

Choose a color*

Midnight Black
Midnight Black
Olive Green
Olive Green



The large portable pizza oven My-Fuoco is the bigger version of My-Fiamma and thus ideal for the larger family or bigger entertainer. It is also an ideal oven for catering: the perfect size, commercial grade insulation and great ease of use.
The clever design allows for much quicker heat up times: around 20-30 minutes for pizza!

The making of the My-Fuoco pizza oven
As our Fiamma and Piccolo stainless steel ovens, My-Fuoco is robust and of high quality. No compromise on the materials used, hence the weight of 160kg!
My-Fuoco’s oven dome is especially designed for pizza baking, but of course it is an all round cooking oven too! The internally lower dome with the specially designed baffle makes that the heat is used more efficiently and reflects faster to the oven floor which makes it ideal for the best Italian pizza. In addition to this, the oven floor is insulated with 40mm high density fibre board ensuring that the heat stays in the oven floor tiles, which is a must to get a really nice and crispy pizza crust.
This great, versatile oven has a double walled dome in stainless steel and is insulated with a double layer of ceramic blanket. The double walled front panel is insulated as well and so is the double walled oven door with viewing glass.
And because of it’s special design, it’s innovative stainless steel baffle inside and double ceramic insulation, you won’t need to re-heat the floor after a few pizzas, and only a few small logs of wood at the time are needed to keep it going. It is very economic in wood use.

Cooking in My-Fuoco
This large stainless steel oven does the same job as our brick ovens: it cooks the perfect pizza (5 at the time) in only a few minutes.
Cooking in My-Fuoco is easy, you will hardly use your kitchen oven anymore once you start enjoying your Fuoco oven. And the wider oven door of 60cm makes it easier to handle the pizzas once they are in the oven.
The other attractive asset is its fast heat up time. The quality of the materials and its design allow for a heat up time of only 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the wood you use and on the cooking temperature needed for what you would like to cook. The specially designed baffle inside the dome assure faster and more direct heat reflection back to the cooking floor and that is where the heat needs to be for pizza baking. To cook a pizza to perfection you need a constant oven floor temperature of around 350’C to allow for your pizza to cook in 2 minutes.
Apart from baking the the best pizza, of course it also cooks perfect roasts, slow cooked curries and pulled pork, roasted vegetable dishes, and many other recipes such as smoked dishes, and genuine home made bread, all with that authentic wood fired flavour.

Outdoor oven
The outer dome is finished with outdoor quality powder coating, available in the colours olive green or black, and the unique mosaic design on the door arch matches the colour of the oven dome. And check also our latest design stainless steel decor door arch! My-Fuoco suits your bbq area perfectly, or looks beautiful as a stand alone with the Fuoco trolley stand so you can wheel it to where it is handy to use it. This way your cooking plans do not depend on the weather.

The large portable pizza oven My-Fuoco is back in stock!! And, it also comes with a great Easter Special, valid till 8 April.
Check the Home Page for more details, and just send us a message (Contact Us) to get a delivery quote. Just send us the oven model you are interested in, your postcode and town, and we will check for the best shipping options and quotes for you.
Can be shipped around New Zealand.




Internal: W90 x D90 x H33 cm
External: W105 x D100 x H62 cm
Door opening: W62 c H29 cm
Weight: 160kgs
Fits 4 large oven dishes
Pizza capacity: 4 to 6 pizzas



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