More than wood fired pizza 2

When talking about wood fired ovens, many people relate to good pizza only. However did you know you can cook anything in our wood fired ovens that you can cook in your kitchen oven?

This morning we did some slow cooking in our wood fired oven after yesterdays pizza night. After the last pizza we put in another couple of logs and let that burn for about 15 minutes, then spread the coals out over the oven floor and closed the valve in the chimney and the oven door to keep the heat in, leaving only the “flap” open to let air in so the fire won’t die (the “flap” is the cover for the hole in the douvle door, that serves for the spit roast) This morning the temp. was about 160C, great for slow cooking.

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Expo 2

My-woodfiredoven was at the anual Queensland Garden Expo in Nambour again this year. Like in the past years we enjoyed doing wood fired cooking demos and talking to all who visitied our stand.

And every time we are surprised by the fact so many people only think Pizza when thinking about a wood fired oven. When showing the spit roasted chicken, the lamb roast, the pumkin with onion cooked in terra cotta dish that we put under the spit roast to catch all the juices we surprised all of you in return that wood fired cooking is not all about pizza: it is about your every day meal and much more as well.

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