Care for your wood fired oven

Your new wood fired oven needs curing before you start using it for the first time. It is a necessary procedure, for the refractory materials inside the ovens are still high in moisture content due to the constructions method.
There are different methods for curing your  pizza oven. My-woodfiredoven will give you detailed instructions on how to cure your wood fired oven and how to look after it.

Keeping your wood fired oven clean is simple: after baking bread, the only residue you have is a bit of burnt flour, which is easily swept out after cooling down.
Cooking in oven dishes will not make your oven dirty, and if any incrustation of grease splashes occurred, that will burn away when lighting your next fire.
Only after baking pizza in your oven, a little more “cleaning” is required. As mozzarella or other cheese melts and easily spills of the pizza on the oven floor. But you’ll love the easy cleaning: when you finish baking pizzas you should spread the formed coals over the cooking area, so that the spilt and crusted mozzarella and topping will burn and turn to ashes which can be swept away after cooling. That’s all…