Portable Ovens

The cutest member of the My-Woodfiredoven family: My-Buddy. This great little wood fired oven is a fantastic addition to your barbecue area, and it looks very neat on your balcony, verandah or in your backyard. It is also great to take with you on any outdoor adventure. And what makes My-Buddy portable wood fired oven even more special is its very fast heat up time of 15 to 20 minutes. The double layer of ceramic blanket insulation of the dome, the double insulated oven floor and the specially designed baffle inside the oven dome for superior heat efficiency make this oven very economic in the use of wood and very efficient, it easily reaches 350C in no time and it cooks the perfect pizza in just a few minutes, just like its big brother My-Mate. And what about your family meal, a nice roast with potatoes and vegetables, cooked in your wood fired oven, just like in old times. You don’t need fancy ingredients to make a very tasty meal in your wood fired oven, as the wood ads that beautiful flavour to your food and turns even the most simple food into something special.
My-Buddy is great for everyday use at home: the heat up time is the same as your kitchen oven, the difference is in the taste! Cooking in My-Buddy is so easy, you will hardly use your kitchen oven anymore once you start enjoying your oven.
Let My-Buddy become your Buddy too and enjoy healthy and tasteful cooking in your own wood fired oven.

For product information please click on the photo. And for any further information we are only a phone call away. We would love to discuss any queries with you so please give us a call.
And once you are the happy owner of My-Buddy we are always happy to advise you about any cooking, recipe, or wood fire questions. Basically, for all you need to become a great wood fired oven chef, we are here to advise you.

My-Buddy with Trolley Stand

Portable Oven My-Buddy



Portable Oven My-Buddy