Wood Fired Oven My-Chef

My-Chef wood fired oven is a perfect all rounder: it cooks anything and more you can cook in your kitchen oven such as stew, roast, chicken, fish, bread, pizza, cake, you name it. Whether you want to turn a simple family meal into something special or impress your friends: surprise your guests with an extraordinary meal cooked in your wood fired oven. Or throw a pizza party for the kids, your My-Chef wood fired oven does it all.

The design of our My-Chef oven allows for perfect heat distribution inside the cooking vault because of its multi-faceted inner surface: refractory bricks radiate heat inside the oven at every possible angle, there are no cold spots! Also they create the necessary thermal mass for heat to be absorbed and stored and then to be slowly released inside the oven. The higher dome of the My-Chef oven allows for better circulation of intense yet not damaging heat, perfect for bread and your daily cooking!

This unique and versatile oven is made of 304 stainless steel and firebricks for optimum functionality and durability.
The outer oven dome shell is made of punched stainless steel so it is all in 1 piece without welding. It is finished with textured powder coating in copper or charcoal colour. The inner part of the oven dome is in firebricks and the oven is insulated with a double layer of ceramic blanket and insulating fire clay so it is optimum for slow cooking as is retains the heat for hours. The oven floor is insulated with 40mm high density ceramic fibre board with refractory tiles on top so here has well the heat retention is optimum.
The door arch is finished with mosaic tiles in matching colour.
The oven door is in stainless steel and insulated as well and has a thermo viewing glass.

The oven trolley is in textured powder coated steel in copper or charcoal colour matching the oven. It has a shelf underneath for wood storage. The 4 castor wheels, of which 2 with brakes, make it easy to move the oven to the place where you would like to use it.

A fire separator in stainless steel comes included with the oven.

This wood fired oven is our best seller and with its charming looks it is a true jewel in any outdoor area.  With its ease of use, My-Chef turns any cook into a Master Chef.

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