About the Ovens

No hassle of assembling your oven yourself as all my-woodfiredovens come completely finished!
Our wood fired ovens and pizza ovens are hand made with the best materials. 304 Stainless steel is used and the outer shells of the dome of the ovens are powder coated for long durability in the sometimes wet and cold New Zealand climate.
These ovens are the result of long research and trials and testing by Giuseppe, who has a passion for wood fired cooking since forever: his mother and aunties in Italy cooked in wood fired ovens when he grew up and he realised how much he missed this when he moved away. And after running a wood fired catering business for 5 years, catering for weddings and corporate functions, he knew exactly what he wanted from a wood fired oven. After many design phases and improvement over improvement, the final design seemed to be ready for production. We found a small factory where people listen to our requirements and patiently await our instructions after each of Giuseppe’s testing during the long process of developing these ovens. The result: affordable, good looking but most importantly: very well functioning wood fired ovens, directly from the factory to you! We have gone great lengths to get the best product at the lowest cost so everyone can enjoy great wood fired cooking.

The making of our wood fired pizza ovens: the domes of our ovens are made of 304 stainless steel.The outer oven dome shells are finished with textured powder coating in different colours. The oven domes are well insulated with ceramic blanket and insulating fire clay. The effect of this is a better heat retention and reduced exterior temperature, you can comfortable keep your hand on the oven even when the fire is raging inside. Even the oven doors are in double panelled stainless steel and insulated with ceramic blanket and they have a thermo viewing glass and 2 wooden handles to avoid burning hands.
The cooking floor of our wood fired ovens and pizza ovens are insulated with 40mm high density ceramic fibre board with refractory tiles on top for optimum heat retention. Which means perfect for cooking anything and fantastic for pizza baking. For the best results, pizza and breads should be baked directly on the oven floor as the heat retained in the refractory tiles is an important detail for the cooking process.

The oven trolleys are in textured powder coated steel in the colour matching the oven. It has 4 castor wheels of which 2 with brakes.

The ovens come with a fire separator for easy handling of the fire, oven door, laser thermometer and  a chimney with cap.