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Pizza Peel set for wood fired oven

Pizza Peel set of 2 peels.

1 Large peel to bring the pizzas in and our the pizza oven.
Made from aluminium.
1 Small round peel to turn the pizzas once they are in the oven.
Made from stainless steel.



Pizza peel set especially designed for easy handling of your pizzas.

The larger peel is made in anodised aluminium so it is light to handle. This larger peel is to bring your pizza in and out the oven.
The smaller peel is in stainless steel, and is especially for turning the pizza once they are in the oven. About a minute after you place the pizza in the oven it starts to set, and once set you can start to turn the pizza around with this paddle so all sides of the pizza get evenly cooked. So, no need to pull the pizza out the oven to turn it as this little paddle is perfect for turning the pizzas away from the wood fire whilst in the oven.

Large pizza peel: 28 x 30 cm, long handle
Diameter small pizza peel: 20cm, long handle
Total length 130 cm

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