My-Fiamma with Trolley Stand

My-Fiamma wood fired pizza ovens come completely finished and
with all of this list included:

* Matching oven trolley
* Stainless steel and insulated oven door with viewing glass
* Stainless steel chimney with valve and cap
* Structured powder coating for optimum protection
* Mosaic design front arch
* Stainless steel fire separator
* Thermometer




My-Fiamma is a medium sized portable oven, but it is as versatile as its bigger brother My-Fuoco and is of identical high quality. It is made of stainless steel and has a refractory tiled oven floor. The double oven walls are insulated with a double layer of ceramic blanket for optimum heat retention and the oven floor is insulated with 40mm high density fibre board so the heat will stay in the refractory floor tiles of the oven floor. And the specially designed baffle makes that the heat is used more efficiently and reflects faster to the oven floor which makes it ideal for the best pizza.
Because of its design My-Fiamma will heat up in 15 to 20 minutes only, and it takes only a tiny log of hardwood at the time to keep it going. This great little wood fired oven does the same job as our other ovens: it cooks the perfect pizza (3 at the time!) in only a few minutes and of course oh so tasteful roast, lovely curry, genuine home made bread and of course all with that authentic wood fired flavour.
This oven is a great addition to your barbecue area, and it looks very neat on your balcony, verandah or in your backyard.
Cooking in this oven is so easy, you will hardly use your kitchen oven anymore once you start enjoying your Fiamma

The very handy trolley stand is also in textured powder coated stainless steel in copper or charcoal colour matching the oven. It has a rack underneath for wood storage and also 2 removable side boards.
For easy moving around to the place you want to use your oven, it has 4 castor wheels of which 2 with brakes.
My-Fiamma also comes with My-woodfiredoven’s well known customer care: we are only a phone call away for any questions you may have about pizza dough, wood fired cooking, wood fire and temperature control inside the oven, recipes, and everything you need to make you a confident and happy wood fired chef.




Internal: W65 x D65 x H26 cm
External: W77 x D75 x H49 cm
Door opening: W52 x H25 cm
Weight: 90 kgs
Fits 2 large oven dishes
Pizza capacity 3 pizzas 9 inch



  1. I just wanted to let you know that the wood fired oven is now operating – it’s great and thanks for the all the assistance. Also, in the video the person uses a large pair of tongs for moving the fire / removing the kindling support and I’m wondering if I could purchase a pair which would ship when the cover becomes available. Or, if the tongs aren’t part of your list of equipment, then are you aware of where one can get a similar set of tongs?

  2. Dear Giuseppe & Christi;
    Just letting you know how fantastic our pizza oven we purchased is. We have done pizzas, bread and roasts in it so far and loving it.
    Tim, Kaye, Hugh & Maggie Fleming

  3. G’day, love the oven!!!!!
    Fired it up yesterday and it was a fantastic success!!!
    Once again thanks very much
    Dan Fell

  4. Hi Christi hope everything is well,
    Yes I was able to pick it up on Thursday and the very nice lady at the depot was very nice and friendly.
    In case you were wondering, Yes the oven can fit in the back of a Honda Jazz Hatchback with the backseats all folded down. see photos
    I’m going to cook in it today for the first time as I have been slowly curing it for the past 4 days. Exciting!
    Joshua Ymana

  5. Hi Christi, I just wanted to let you know that we are really enjoying our pizza oven. We’ve had 3 groups of people over on different weekends and everyone has remarked on the great pizzas and the design of the oven. Sitting out under the stars up on our deck and making pizza’s with a glass of red has been superb. The fact that it is light enough to move to different locations, exterior does not get very hot, is very quick to heat and very efficient with wood required to keep it at temperature is quite remarkable. The DVD and instructions and recipes are also great, and Giuseppe’s song just caps it off! Thanks very much!
    Rick and Tassia

  6. Thanks for all the assistance and advice, looking forward to getting the oven fired up!
    All the best,
    Jonathan Lane

  7. Hello Giuseppe and Christi,
    thank you very much for sending the oven so promptly.
    I’ll make sure to follow your instructions to the letter for curing the oven. Fortunately I have a bit of experience playing with fire as I have several charcoal and wood BBQs and for me curing the oven is part of the fun 🙂
    As you can imagine I’m really looking forward to playing with my oven.
    If I manage to churn out 90 second pizza napoletana I will let you know and post it in a few forums. I’m sure there would be many people interested. It might take me a while to get there though,

  8. Hello there Guiseppe &Christi
    We LOVE our new wood-fired oven, what a joy to cook in!
    We cured it nicely, can’t believe how little wood is needed to keep it hot, and how quickly the pizzas cook….should have bought one years ago.
    Here’s a picture of our first pizza, mushrooms, spinach, finely sliced tomato, crushed garlic soaked in olive oil, small pieces of smoked cheese and Parmesan then drizzled in olive oil…..YUM!
    Thankyou for your kind help and expertise when explaining how to use the oven, we are so sure it will be a talking point at parties and family gatherings!
    Take care and Thankyou again…..
    Dean and Julie

  9. Hi Giuseppe and Christi,
    The oven arrived safely today and I’ve been giving it a low burn for a few hours. I’ll do it again before firing it up on the weekend.
    Really happy with it, thank you for your communication and prompt service.
    Thanks again and I’ve already posted my support of your good service on our BBQ forum
    best regards, Ian

  10. Guiseppe / Christi.
    Happy new year to you.
    First of all let me say that the oven we bought from you is excellent. We’ve used it several times and although we’re still getting the hang of the fire building, the end result has been fantastic every time.
    Regards, Ben

  11. Hi Giuseppe and Christi, thanks for the email. We are still enjoying our oven and very happy with the purchase and of course the delicious pizzas. I’m quite happy for you to use the link to the forum to show prospective clients.
    Regards Ian Hughes

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