My-Chef with Trolley

My-Chef wood fired ovens with trolley come completely finished and with
all of this list included:

* Matching oven trolley
* Stainless steel and insulated oven door with viewing glass
* Stainless steel chimney with valve and cap
* Structured powder coating for optimum protection
* Stainless steel fire separator
* Digital laser thermometer



In stock

Our My Chef wood fired gourmet oven’s unique design consists of a fully refractory brick oven finished with high grade stainless steel on the outside. The outer shell is made in punched stainless steel. It has a structured powder coated finish in copper or charcoal colour. So it is really easy to keep it looking good, no need to polish as you would have to with bare stainless steel.
My-Chef’s dome has a double layer of ceramic blanket and insulating fire clay and it’s oven floor is insulated with 40mm high density fibreboard ensuring very efficient heat retention. The oven floor itself is in refractory tiles to withstand high temperatures.
The oven chamber is made of refractory bricks (fire bricks) which makes this oven ideal for slow cooking as well. When starting the fire, the fire bricks will first absorb the heat and once saturated they will release it slowly back inside the chamber. The double insulation of the oven dome and floor and the fire brick internal oven dome  make this oven ideal for slow cooking as it will retain the heat for hours. So after for example a pizza lunch or pizza night you can slow-cook a nice curry or meat such as pulled pork and home made bread in the remaining heat.

Basically, My-Chef wood fired ovens are ideal for any type of cooking. You can cook anything that you would cook in your kitchen oven. My-Chef  can turn a simple family meal or a dinner with friends into something special. And of course your Chef cooks the perfect wood fired pizza too! With your Chef you will enjoy cooking for and with your family.

The trolley stand for My-Chef follows the shape of the oven for a very elegant look, making it a real jewel to your outdoor area. It is easy to wheel it to the area where you would like to use it. The trolley is in textured powder coated stainless steel as well, in copper or charcoal colour matching the oven.
It has 4 castor wheels of which 2 with brakes.

My-Chef also comes with My-woodfiredoven’s well known customer care: we are only a phone call away for any questions you may have about wood fired cooking, wood fire and temperature control inside the oven, recipes, so everything you need to make you a confident and happy wood fired chef.





MY-CHEF wood fired oven


Internal : W80 x D100 x H40 cm
External : W105 x D115 x H62 cm
Weight: 380 kg
Door opening W50 x H23 cm
​Fits 2 large oven dishes
​Pizza capacity: 3 pizzas 11 inch



  1. Hi Giuseppe and Christina,
    We are absolutely loving our oven! We cook in it almost every weekend and love entertaining guests with delicious food. Here is a picture if a beautiful loaf of bread we made recently. And here is a dish I cooked with chicken, garlic, olives, white wine and bay leaves, it was amazing!!
    Kind regards,
    Kim and James Lucas 😀

  2. Hi Christi,
    We haven’t had enough opportunities to go to our daughter’s place to replenish our timber stocks from her property to fuel our oven.
    So is there anywhere we can buy suitable timber in the meantime on the Sunshine Coast?
    It’s been a wonderful experience so far and Dale is currently building timber side tables for our pizza oven. Our first pizza was awesome.
    Kerry & Dale

  3. Thanks Christi. The area hasn’t been finished yet but the pizza oven has been “cured” and as its on the stand, we have used it twice now. The first time, we didn’t have it hot enough but the next time we made really delicious pizzas followed by a loaf of bread! Both were really good. We have friends coming over tomorrow so it’s pizzas again. I really think its all about trial and error and getting to know the oven. We are enjoying it and will def send you pics of the finished result. Friends also were looking to buy a pizza oven for their parents combined 60th birthdays and after some research of their own, then having seen ours, I think they will be heading down your way to purchase one similar to our one.
    Thanks again. Wonderful service!
    Jason & Nicola Cash

  4. Giuseppe, The pizza’s where a great success. New recipe was great, tips on oven and temp all great. Thank you very very much your are a master.
    Have a lovely day.
    Jane x

  5. Hello Christi
    I have sent you photos of our completed outdoor dining, has come up a treat.
    Kind Regards
    Tony Di Prima
    Product Support Representative
    Mechanical – Trucks

  6. Thank you. It looks fantastic. We haven’t installed it as yet as we need to have a sheet made up for it to sit in the brick BBQ. It should be up by next week. Can’t wait for the pizzas and homemade bread. Will send you pics when we have put it up.
    Many thanks, Glen

  7. Put oven in spot on weekend and cured for few days.
    Will give it a test this weekend. Looking good! Neighbour likes it as well, we’ll invite him over and you may get another sale!

  8. Hi Christi and Giuseppe,
    I installed oven last year and took these photos.
    I am still trying to get the hang of it (if only my Nonna was still around to show me).
    Anyway thanks for your help and service.
    Regards, Paul Terranova

  9. Hi Christi, we picked up the oven yesterday, now the work begins.
    Thanks for all your support.Will send some pictures when it’s all done.
    Thanks & Best Regards Shane

  10. Hi Christi & Giuseppe,
    We had our first lamb roast last night – very delicious!!!
    Do you have a recommended local supplier for the correct timber to burn in the oven???
    regards, Penny

  11. Thanks a lot for your email! We will definitely contact him.
    Ps we loveeeee cooking in the wood fire oven, it’s the best! :)Adrian & Vanessa

  12. Hi Christi
    Thanks for the oven. I picked it up Friday, no problems.
    Now in the process of curing it.
    It looks fantastic. Well done on supply of such a great product.
    I am delighted with the quality and the service.
    Best regards, Scott.

  13. Hi Christi & Guiseppe
    Thanks for the Xmas wishes. couldn’t remember whether we sent you a photo of our completed oven, so here it is. Both our daughters & their husbands are coming up for Xmas & one of them is a chef, so he’ll be putting the oven to the test. We are very happy with it – have sourced a good wood supplier close to where we live. Have a merry Xmas.
    Ian & Anne Stanger

  14. Hi there!
    Meant to send you pics.
    Pizzas are getting better and better!!
    Thanks, Rob and Karmin

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